Better Yield, Better Value

With the wide variety of piece size and shapes available, Milne MicroDried® fruit and vegetable ingredients can offer more pieces per pound than other ingredient alternatives. For example, MicroDried whole blueberries offer over three times the number of pieces found in a pound of infused dried blueberries and over six times the piece count found in a pound of fresh blueberries.

MicroDried uses a proprietary, patented drying technology that produces a larger finished piece size than competing systems – MicroDried products simply do not shrink as much other dried products because they are dried in a vacuum. This allows MicroDried to often produce more pieces per pound, more value and better product characteristics than other dried products.Better Yield 1

Operationally, these whole, sliced or diced ingredients are more durable, maintain good piece integrity and withstand production without producing excess dust or product loss. The ability to dice products into fragments offers enhanced individual piece identity.

In the end, Milne MicroDried brings healthier flavor, color and value to consumer products than most alternative dried fruit and vegetable ingredients.

MicroDried® & IQF

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