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100% fruit & vegetables - no added 
sugars, color or preservatives.

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What Is The MicroDried Advantage?

Milne MicroDried® was introduced to the industrial ingredient industry in 2012 and has become a leading ingredient manufacturer based on many of its distinct advantages, including:

  • More and More Varieties
    With over 40 varieties and select organics, MicroDried has the largest selection and trendiest varieties in the industry.

  • Healthier Ingredients
    Rich in fiber and polyphenolic values yet low in fat, calories, sodium, MicroDried ingredients are non-GMO, gluten and allergen free.

  • Rich, Natural Colors and Tastes
    Offering a vast array of color, flavors, textures and piece size, MicroDried ingredients are ideal for today’s naturally curious consumer.

  • Clean Label, Single Ingredient 
    MicroDried’s nutrition label says it best, these are 100% fruit and vegetable ingredients – no added sugar, color or preservatives.

  • Right Sized for Every Application 
    Available in coarse or fine grind powders; granules and fragments; and whole pieces, slices and wedges, MicroDried is right sized!

  • Organic Leader
    As a single source processor, MicroDried leads the industry in organic ingredients and continues to expand its offering.

  • Better Yield, Better Value 
    MicroDried whole blueberries offer over three times the number of pieces per pound than infused dried blueberries for better value.

  • Patented, Proprietary Technology
    Low impact vacuum radiant energy is used to help preserve the natural vitamins and minerals of the fruit and vegetables while protecting the color and integrity of each piece.

  • Durable and Easy Handling
    MicroDried fruit and vegetable pieces are durable ingredients with good piece integrity and a strong cell structure to minimize loss in blending, mixing and production.

  • Safer Microbe Levels
    MicroDried’s patented process gently heats each piece to significantly reduce microbe levels which makes them ideal for dairy and other short shelf life products.

  • The MicroDried Commitment
    We create innovative solutions and healthier fruit and vegetable ingredients – in all shapes, sizes, and specifications.

In just four years, MicroDried has emerged as a new favorite ingredient and is used in over 50 consumer and pet products made by many of the largest food manufacturers and best known brands in the world.

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