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Beet Powder, Fragments, Sliced & Diced

Beets are enjoying their much-deserved place at the center stage of a healthy diet. The beet bulb is noted for its sweet and earthy flavor and boasts the highest sugar content of any vegetable, yet remains low in calories. Beets boast rich color and exotic taste and are:

  • Rich in anthocyanin pigments called betalains that reduced liver dysfunction and improved exercise performance in one study
  • Breads made with red beet juice were shown to lower blood pressure in normal adult males
  • Serve as a good source of Vitamin C and folic acid
  • Provide essential minerals such as iron, fiber, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium

Milne MicroDried's innovative new dried format using vacuum radiant energy preserves the natural vitamins and minerals while protecting the color and integrity. This gives the developer the opportunity to use beets as an integral ingredient and colorant in the food, beverage and wellness markets. 

MicroDried® Beet Powder, Fragments, Sliced, Diced

SLICED Beet Sliced FG70136  Specification Nutritional
DICED Beet Diced FG70133  Specification  Nutritional 
FRAGMENTS Beet Fragments FG70031  
Specification Nutritional
  Beet Fragments with Fines FG70143 Organic Specification  Nutritional 
POWDER Beet Powder FG70030 Specification Nutritional
  Beet Powder FG70029 Organic Specification  Nutritional 
  Beet Powder Coarse Grind S16 FG70028 Specification  Nutritional 
  Beet Powder Coarse Grind S16 FG70027 Organic
Specification  Nutritional 


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