New Designer Grapes - Naturally Sweet

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Milne MicroDried’s new designer grapes are large, colorful and offer unique shapes, textures and naturally sweet flavors – currently popular with kids! Until now they have only been available fresh in grocery stores, but today are being dried by Milne for year-round enjoyment.

Milne MicroDried® designer grapes offer a full spectrum of yellow to dark purple hues and are healthy with only about 100 calories per cup. As ingredients, these grapes:

  • Offer clean, single ingredient labels
  • Are low in water activity (≤ 0.4)
  • Offer variable moisture levels (≤ 7%)
  • Contain polyphenols and essential minerals such as potassium, calcium, Vitamin A (beta carotene) and Vitamin C

Grown and processed in the USA, Milne MicroDried® designer grapes are dried with Radiant Energy Vacuum technology to help preserve the natural size, color and sweet natural taste found in each grape using no added sugars, color or preservatives.

Milne MicroDried’s new varieties of designer grapes are ideal as treats in lunch boxes and after school, in trail mixes or as branded bagged snacks. Their large size, sweet taste and unique textures all combine to make them a favorite for outdoor enthusiasts and kids.

For more information about naturally sweet designer grapes or to order samples, visit or email Milne MicroDried at

Designer Grape MicroDried® Products

WHOLE Grapes Envy Whole FG10094
Specification Nutritional
   Grapes Festival Whole FG10096  Specification Nutritional
  Grapes Jewel Whole FG10098  Specification Nutritional
  Grapes Summer Whole FG10100  Specification Nutritional





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