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Go for the Gold - Organic Dried Golden Berries and Golden Berry Powder

Golden berries are delicious and healthful fruit, native to Brazil, but grown in many warm climates including Peru, South Africa, Australia and Hawaii. They’re a tasty source of vital nutrients including beta-carotene, protein, bioflavonoids and vitamin A. These chewy superfruits are a healthy snack, and their sweet and tart flavor gives a delicious boost to salads, yogurts, oatmeal, cookies and desserts. Each serving:

  • Contains 3 grams of fiber, a nutrient that supports healthy digestion, per ounce
  • Is a very good source of Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Niacin
  • Contains about 80 calories and zero grams of fat per ounce
  • Is also a good source of Thiamin and Iron
  • Is very low in cholesterol

Their sweet and mild tart flavor works well in jams and preserves, a reason they became so popular in the 19th century. Today, fresh and dried golden berries are available year-round in North America.

Organic Dried Golden Berries & Golden Berry Powder

WHOLE Golden Berry Whole FG10046 Organic
Specification Nutritional
FRAGMENTS   Golden Berry Fragments FG10047 Organic Specification Nutritional
POWDER Golden Berry Powder FG10048 Organic Specification Nutritional





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